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Rafał Rudol

Hello 👋 My name is Rafał. This is my space in the Internet ocean.

About me

I am a software developer with over 8 years of experience, who worked as a freelancer and a software house contractor. I worked on dozens of projects, building big and small web applications, with teams of all sizes and compositions.

I love minimalism and perfection, trying to automate and simplify everything. Every day I'm working on improving my attitude towards life and sense of aesthetics by following creative and smart people. All of these, at least I wish, let me make high-quality project and initiatives to make this world a better place.


I specialize in working as frontend developer with React ecosystem. I can build highly responsive and effective interfaces with advanced styling, visualization or animations.

I’m a versatile developer who can adapt if needed. I have worked with many stacks, tools, services and cloud solutions. I'm a huge fan of serverless and Jamstack technologies, but I keep an eye on Web3.

I'm passionate about IT, I follow the news and its development very diligently. I can't pass on without checking out a new technology. I love to experiment in different fields I haven't tried yet, so I'm constantly improving my own skillset and knowledge.

My Github profile


I worked directly with clients, and I understood their needs and the business context, mostly in the fintech area. After years of gaining experience, I became a consultant. During last year, I was helping to find a proper solution for more than 20 clients, designing project architecture and providing time and cost estimation.


I also have experience working as a team leader and line manager. Usually, I was managing small but dynamic project teams of around 6 developers. I cared about their day-to-day happiness and productivity. I facilitated scrum rituals and meetings and worked on improving internal processes of the companies I worked for.


I got a Master's degree in Computer Science as a specialist in Distributed Systems. I have wide theoretical knowledge of how distributed computing works on a low level, which lets me understand cloud computing in depth.

During my study years I spent a lot of time on building a community of inspiring people who want to share their passion with others. I started that adventure when I became a leader of the biggest IT science group in my university - AKAI. We went to many hackathons and even won some rewards and we're not stopping there!

Learn more about AKAI on the Facebook fan page 🇵🇱 or Twitter

Here is "short" presentation about our activities - slides


If you have any questions, some offer, or just want to say hi, you can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn